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Standing opposite the blue gate one can tell who lives here.
There is a sign, there is a name! A few names!
Blue Birds bid you hello!
The gate opens, welcome!
The path wanders amongst spots of rich green foliage 
Flowers blooming in many colors
And the blue of the ladder, the railing and the shutters.
And a house of wood, children’s laughter. 
And then enter the house
And inside
Something from me to you….
Objects, one besides the other, one atop the other
Big ones, small ones and even very small ones!
They have already found their places and become comfortable
Fitting into their surroundings and one cannot possibly move them at all!
Objects from different materials, colors and textures
And to each object its story – a story which was born from memories of time gone,
Or from future dreams and maybe from experiences and journeys
Of family and friends!
Some raise an eyebrow, wink with grace 
And others stir a longing
Surrounded by sadness and here and there a tear.
There are those who shout out their providence
And others wonder if they have mistakenly arrived here.
But they are all here in the house!
It is they who comprise the house, one object after another
This is a house! A special house
And in it
Something from me to you…
There are objects which passed from generation to generation
There are those that are original and personal
Created by the hand of the artist and their value is great.
There are simple ones without degree and splendor 
Faded with time.
There are delicate objects you can touch only with great care
And there are those which will never wear out or easily break.
There are objects exhibited and standing in their glory
Though many are hidden
And the curious one, seeks and excitedly finds
The object to collect 
And take to its new home.

Objects, objects in the house… 
       they are a world onto itself
               And what remains?
                     An Object and another
                         Something From Me to You…
                                    Something blue!

             With a great big hug!
                   A loving hug to my loved ones!!!


Something From Me to You….

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